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Register as an Employer

By registering as an employer on EURES, you will be able to search for CVs matching your requirements and view, save, and organise candidates to make recruitment easier.


Register as a Jobseeker

By creating a EURES jobseeker account, you will be able to upload your CV and make it available for search by employers across Europe and much more.


Applying for a job

Nowadays most employers request that applications are done either via email or the company website. Some roles might have specific applications forms that you would need to complete.

As a rule, when you apply for a job you should submit a CV in English that contains the following information

  • Personal details
  • Educational background
  • Previous employment
  • Skills (including language skills, technical skills, digital skills etc)


It is important that you include information that is directly relevant to the role you are applying for. If you are applying for a delivery driver vacancy you should mention that you hold the required driving licences for example. You should always review your CV for each job you apply for and of course ensure that there are no errors or spelling mistakes.

You should also ensure that you include any additional information requested in the vacancy advert (such as portfolios, copies of qualifications etc.)

You should always use reputable sources to find job vacancies. Especially if you are applying for jobs whilst still abroad, it is important that you carry out some research on the company that you are applying with.

When applying for a role always include a short covering email that details the job details you are applying for and that briefly explains why you are suitable for the role that is being advertised.


Speculative applications

In some instances it might be suitable to send an unsolicited application, for example if you specifically want to work with a company or in a niche industry.



If you are based abroad most employers will carry out an online interview. You should ensure that no matter how the interview will be held that you are well dressed and groomed.  In addition, do research on the company before the interview. You can find more job interview tips here.


Information last updated: April 2020 


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